Delinquency Drug Court provides maximum support to the parents as they move towards sobriety which includes screening, assessment, treatment plans and evidence-based case management and parenting programs. The goals are to increase positive permanency outcomes (sole custody, joint custody, or permanent guardianship with family members when termination of parental rights is the necessary).

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Drug court coordinators and specially trained child welfare counselors have provided intensive assessment, case management and therapeutic crisis intervention services in collaboration with a number of community service providers.

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A Marchman Petition is a civil procedure that allows family and friends, in cases involving a minor the petitioner is a parent or guardian to a minor, to petition the court and seek help for suspected substance abuse problem. Adults are also able to petition. Filing of a Marchman Petition can be completed by visiting the Clerks of the Court and requesting the forms.

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Under various provisions of Florida statutes, the Probate and Guardianship Division will hear cases on mental health and substance abuse. The Baker Act and Marchman Act are utilized in these cases.

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